Doll Hospital - Plush Dolls Doctor Game for Kids

Doll Hospital - Plush Dolls Doctor Game for Kids

By Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.

Score: 4.08602
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Help! Someone needs a hospital! Take care of some unusual patients: cute beautiful dolls that need your love and attention. Repair them in your amazing doll hospital and don’t forget to clean them up and give them a new shine before sending them home… Besides, enjoy very cute accessories and stickers to make your dolls the prettiest in the world! They are already waiting for your care. Heal those dolls and create great memories with your new patients! HIGHLIGHTS • Child friendly interface: very easy to play • Customization items: unlock lots of accessories and stickers by taking care of more dolls • Take cute pictures of your healthy dolls and share them with your friends • Beautiful artwork! • Great pastime for children and grown ups! Disclaimer: While this App is completely free to play, some additional content can be purchased for real money in-game. If you do not want to use this feature, please turn off in-app purchases in your device's settings. Like our page on Facebook and be the first to know about our upcoming games and updates!



  • Nice 👍

    By hfhfbgfy
    The game is so much fun but a lot of things are locked if you open all the things in the game I’ll give you 5 stars ⭐️
  • Cute but...

    By HQuinn01
    I wish all four dolls came without needing to buy. Im ok with needing to buy accessories and while the other 2 dolls are enough to have fun it gets boring after a bit with only so many options to change them.
  • Awesome!

    By Dhehudsj
    Is what I love about this game, is that although there are some things you need to buy, they aren't necessary for the main purpose of the game. You already get two dolls, and the other dolls wouldn't work any differently. They give you plenty of boxes and accessories, and you can earn a few more without paying. Everything you need to fix the doll is free, too. And even if you want the extra items, it's only $4.99 to buy everything. The game is really fun and I recommend it. Plus, it won't hurt to get it, because it doesn't cost money to try it out.
  • Fun

    By Kevbackward
    Kids loved it.
  • I don't agree with giggle.

    By Denile Bill QUinn & Kate
    This not creepy its cute!👨😹👱👵👴😺😸😻😽🚶🏃💃👫👪👬👭💏💑👯🙆🙅💁🙋💆💇💅👰🙎🙍🙇💋💜🐶🐧🐦🐼🐘🐑🐴🐒🐵🐗🐮🐽🐤🐥🐣🐔🐍🐢🐛🐝🐜🐞🐌
  • 👧🏽

    By 287RetroGirl
    I'm a HUGE Fan of "Plush Hospital" And I like this one but its just not as cute so ***
  • Best game I've ever played 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🌺🌹🌸🌷🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

    By Dance girl 🌹🌺
    This game kind of teaches some people how to fix stuff .They also might get a chance to feel like a doctor.
  • Good game but u have to buy things

    By Darknebula warrior
    I love the game alot . Its very fun. But i thought that u had to just earn everything and u didn't have to buy it . Well thats not the case the things with the star lock u have to buy . From boxes to accessories to stickers to the actual dolls . I hate it . I recommed not getting this if you just wanna earn everything and once you have then it all be fun. If you cant pay $4.99 then you cant get everything 😒 to good to be true

    By Katherine 😀😀😀
    It only give you two dolls to play with. And all you do is fill up their cuts with cotton and sew them up. ITS BORING DONT TRY IT.
  • Amaze

    By Yuljaka
    Such good game !💟