Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3

Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3

By Small Giant Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Current Version: 27.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 230.56 MB
  • Developer: Small Giant Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 58,278 Ratings


Epic heroes, monsters and action await in this beautiful, tactical match 3 game! Featured by Apple! "A challenging game of strategy and puzzles" "We're impressed by this epic match-three adventure" Players are saying: "Awesome game. This will keep me busy for months!" "Really fun, great production values!" Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on puzzle games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels and RPG elements. Join the battle now! • Match - Send your troops charging by making amazing combos! • Build - Rebuild an immense war fortress! • Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops! • Raid - Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world! • Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers! • Team Up - Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance! • Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world! Follow us: http://fb.me/EmpiresAndPuzzles



  • They ruined this game

    By Micheal46635
    They changed raids now the matchmaking is trash!!!! Keep getting beaten by teams 300 power stronger than my team then spend all my resources trying to fight teams close to the same power. If I use an energy refill I beat every team I face no matter their power. They’ve changed this into a pay to play game and it didn’t used to be that. Thanks for ruining the best part of the game
  • Engaging but ultimately just another cash grab

    By FleshyHeadedMonkey
    Like all games of this type, it is carefully designed to hook you early on and then frustrate you into spending money. Read the “counter reviews” of those who disagree and they all have two things in common: 1) they have been playing for a year or two (and one even admits he still hasn’t been able to completely level up his first 5* hero) and 2) they are in alliances with “great friends.” That’s great and plenty of people enjoy the game in that way. But I would counter that the alliances (in not just this but all the pay to win games) are there exactly for the purpose of keeping you playing long after the cost and time investment of leveling your units and your resource structures has become absurd. The psychology of these games is no accident; it’s thoroughly researched. Most people won’t pay but those who will spend .99 cents will usually go on to spend $100 or more once the resistance to spending has been cracked. And if someone is too patient or casual to crack that resistance for themselves, well, maybe doing it “for the team” will convince them. In my own alliance, I’ve seen the people who say they never spend a penny on these games suddenly feel guilted into buying the Valentines Day or Christmas special “gems for everyone in your alliance” packs in response to receiving a bunch of them. And sure enough, suddenly they are talking about how they just bought some other pack because “it seemed like a good deal” and they want to “help the team more during alliance wars.” To give you some idea of the leveling frustration this game resorts to, most of us in my alliance are now used to waiting 2-7 days for any building upgrades to complete, grinding for months to get a single hero ready to ascend to max level (only to not yet have all the materials required to do so), waiting many more months to get the absurd number of “talent emblems” required to advance them any further, all while inexplicably losing PVP raids to other players who are 25% weaker. Remember, all of this is by design. There’s no natural or gameplay reason why it has to take 7 days and 95% of your metal or food (which is artificially capped, so you can’t store up too much of it to get ahead) to upgrade a single building. The only reasonable explanation is greed... to frustrate players into spending real money to speed things up. These tactics are called “pay walls” and they are common in all these “free to play” mobile games that feature base building, PVP, unit leveling and alliances. And then the pricing is calculated for effect as well. Remember these are digital items with no production cost or intrinsic value. The only value measurement is what the game itself charges for other items. So to make pack A start to eventually look like a bargain, all the devs have to do is charge way too much by comparison for pack B, or charge $19.99 for pack A and then put it on “special” for $9.99 and it looks cheap. How’s that spending resistance now? Come on, your alliance needs you! Look, enjoy the game if you do — though the match 3 and base building etc is nothing special here — and enjoy the alliance aspect the game added hoping it would keep you around long enough to spend. But don’t condemn other reviewers for saying the game is pay to win because it very much is, even if you personally are the rare player who doesn’t mind waiting two years to max out a single unit. It is an extremely cookie cutter example of P2W, actually, and all you have to do is Google the concept to see the science behind it and the similarities between Empires and every other game of its kind.
  • Bad connection

    By AeonSim1
    All my apps work but this one, and I payed to play
  • Pricey

    By Crab Dangdoogaloo
    Very enjoyable but it’s pricey to play. If you don’t pay, then expect to wait for a long time to power up your characters and be ready to miss out on characters that are only available for a month. I like my ‘Alliance’ a lot, most of them are from Europe and there’s no way I could have known any of them without this game.
  • Great fun and free!

    By onenonlyanie
    For all of the trite “borrowed” details that true fantasy fans will recognize instantly, it’s a fun way to play your puzzles and get that RPG joy of leveling up characters and killing some enemies. There’s a satisfaction to daily playing and I enjoy my alliance mates. You can also really play for free, and the rewards you get for watching ads are worth it if you’re trying not to spend. I think it would be fun to have another mode of play, like a larger puzzle in a hero duel mode. Just something else to do, for those who’ve finished both seasons (and hard mode=/)
  • Summons

    By Choc215
    I just grinned to get 2600 Gems just to summon 10 hero’s, so I decided to use the 2600 gems to summon some warriors and got I got 4 of the same hero’s and 2 sets of the same hero’s who were only 3 star hero’s I am so disappointed in this summons this is the second this happened to me I will no longer be using the summons it is a joke and never gives out 4 or 5 hero’s when I used it but yet I see other profile or players with multiple 5 star hero’s even the rate of the rare hero’s that are impossible to get I am disappointed in the summons and think you guys should fix it so that everyone has a fair chance of summoning 5 star hero’s especially when they’re spending there money.
  • Feeling Cheated

    By DeelishizKat
    I buy plenty of gems but whenever I go to the elemental summons, I still get the same old fighters that I can train on my own or get in the regular summons. I will use 1500 gems and still not get a single 5 star fighter. I like the game, but that makes me not want to play anymore.
  • The only mobile game I care to play like this!

    By Legendheart864
    Critically, I’d rate it a 4.9, but I rate in approximates. Great game, mechanically sounds, very engrossing. The only criticism I have is in my opinion the game doesn’t offer 5 star heroes enough. I know of too many people that have played years and still have yet to get a 5 star hero. But the four stars are typically adequate, and for it to not be a pay to win or pay to play (though optional) it’s phenomenal.
  • Devs screwed game & players

    By TTTTTrrrrrrrriiiiiiiix
    Update: keyboard fixed. Algorithms for war & raids worse...my team 4179 points 5 5* fully ascended w/ talents also lvl’d up...theirs 3130 points mostly 4*/3* mix of fully ascended & not...beat me in raid. Boggles the mind. Ascension mats acquire rate worse. I stay for social hope, I started playing over a year ago. It was great fun at first...enough wins in raids & wars to keep your interest, decent chance of getting drops for 5* heroes to level up, decent chance to get 4* or 5* heroes on 10x pulls that spending money seemed worthwhile. BUT NOW!?!? Not worth the play. Yeah I have a stable full of 5* heroes that I can’t level up fully because of the ridiculous number & length of time to get materials. I have 4 & 5* heroes I have waited to fully “ascend” for a year. Even if you try to buy the mats you’ll only get 1 of the 6 items for 1 ascension mat you need. For 4&5* heroes there are 4 levels of ascension & leveling up after each ascension to bring a hero to full strength. For example to ascend a 5* blue hero to 4th level requires 1 tome, 6 telescopes, 1 blade, & 4 capes. I have had 5*’s sitting for a year b/c I only have 2 telescopes. I spent $30 dollars to get that 2nd telescope which was very stupid. That’s on me. If the $30 had bought all 6 telescopes I might not complain. Now consider every 4&5* hero has similar requirements. I have 22 5* & 33 4* heroes waiting on mats to finally ascend. They’re basically useless. Furthermore the algorithms are way off now. How can I lose to a team w 1000 less points & heroes with half the HP? How can a 3* opponent w/ half my strength & HP defeat my fully ascended 5* hero?!? And if you don’t use a particular color hero on your team in a fight then that’s the tiles that come up. In addition the Eastern European teams, particularly Russian & Ukrainian, win no matter how strong you are. They also seem able to fully ascend & max out brand new heroes as soon as they appear. Where are they getting their mats & soldiers to rise so high so rapidly? Are the characters being released earlier there to give them an advantage? I love the social aspect of the game. I’m in a really good alliance that’s laid back & really helps the noobs but require a minimum amount of participation in the group quests, i.e. titan hunt & war. BTW no cursing on the boards LOL. They have algorithms that recognize even misspelled curse words😄 I recommend the game to new players. It’s fun w/ a great social aspect, but once you’ve been at it for awhile prepare to be frustrated even if you spend money. Devs FIX THE KEYBOARD PLEASE!!!
  • Raids

    By L7?
    Like playing your game but your raids I hate it how can some team have 50-150 combined points behind still kick the living crap out of you is crazy. Love the game hate the raids!!!