Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons!

By Gram Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-28
  • Current Version: 4.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 324.94 MB
  • Developer: Gram Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.74207
From 216,672 Ratings


Discover dragon legends, magic, quests, and a secret land of entertainment and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons! Here, you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey. In a mystical world hidden among the clouds, the vale of Dragonia flourished. Then, evil Zomblins cast a void across the vale. The only hope to heal the land rests in YOUR magical power to MATCH ANYTHING -- dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures. Hatch dragons, then evolve them to make them grow even more powerful! Encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels: match the Gaia statues to win, then bring rewards back to your Camp to collect and grow. Play even more with daily quests and rewards from Kala. Take part in brand new themes every week with cool puzzles for you to complete- can you match and collect the brand-new dragons? Discover secrets and fantasy as you build your camp to perfection and nurture your dragons in Merge Dragons! NEW MERGE DRAGONS! FEATURES: • Enjoy a more social merging experience with the all new Dens feature! • Add your friends and visit their camps! • Improved Dragon Book to check your eggs and merge with ease • Improved Art • Even more new levels to play and dragons to collect MERGE DRAGONS! FEATURES: == Match Objects == • Discover over 500 fantastic objects through 81 challenges! • Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and match 3 of a kind evolve them into more superior items! • Tap into Life Essence to unleash power to heal the vale! • Collect magic coins to build homes for your dragons to rest and sleep in! • Discover the Gaia statues stuck in each level’s cursed land. Match them to solve the puzzle and create life! == Collect New Dragon Breeds == • Discover 55 brand new dragon breeds who live in the vale, and evolve them through 8 draconic growth stages! • Match eggs to hatch dragons who will roam the vale and harvest objects for you to use or upgrade. == Tricky Puzzles == • Over 1000 quests to challenge your mind! • Test your puzzle solving skills in more than 275 tricky levels filled with new quests and rewards to help you build your dragon camp! • Match nearly anything - plants, buildings, coins, treasures, chests, fallen stars, magic objects, mythical creatures, and more! • How many combinations can you make from 1600+ items? • Discover hidden levels - can you find them all? • On your puzzle journey, you may cross paths with evil Zomblins. Watch out and be careful! == Camp Building == • The evil fog has taken ahold of the main camp - fight off the fog and heal the land to restore and reclaim the dragons’ home! • Collect dragon eggs, hatch them in the main camp, and earn dragon power to fight off the evil fog. • Add your friends and gain inspiration from them by visiting their camps and learning their strategies. ==Be Social!== • Add your friends and gain inspiration from them by visiting their camps and learning their strategies. Gift items and rewards - sharing is caring! • Unlock the Dens feature to join a Den, and play alongside like-minded defenders of Dragonia! Socialize, chat, share tips and tricks, and help out fellow members of your Den - band together to heal the land! Download now and discover where Merge Dragons! will take you! Merge Dragons! is brought to you by Gram Games, the studio behind the top hit titles 1010!, Merged!, Six!, Bounzy!, Merge Town!, Merge Farm!, Paint Tower!, Merge Gems!, 1010! Color and the latest hit Merge Magic! Optimized for Tablets. May be played without an Internet connection. Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at



  • Almost...

    By Mr. Knowitzall
    Ok it is EXTREMELY addictive, so honestly that’s a 1-star deduction. It should be fun, and also easy to put down and handle responsibilities. Haha, nah, fam, I played from 9am to 9pm non-stop. The other 2-star deduction, though, comes from the micromanagement of the dragons. They are so random and seemingly hard to tap to redirect them. It just finally came to the point I couldn’t handle all the micromanagement of so many dragons. So I give it two stars because it almost perfect. Make it easier to put the game away for a few hours (like when you run out of hearts in other games, which you have in chalices, but your base is never ending). Make it easier to set tasks for your dragons. If that’s even a thing I never found it and there was no tutorial on how to do so. It is absolutely necessary though. Fix those things and I’ll be back.
  • Need more levels

    By KayJWeaver
    I love playing Merge Dragons! It’s how I wind down for sleep most nights. But I’m out of levels in the world, and I hope you will be adding more soon!
  • Poor update

    By lexilulubugg
    My game was working fine until the recent update and since the new update it won’t open at all I’ve finished all of the levels and I don’t really want to delete the game because I love this game and I’m so far ahead please fix the problems!!!!!
  • Enjoyable... for the first five minutes

    By deshfish
    I was enjoying playing, until the only way to progress forward was to buy dragon gems. Gimmicks all the way through.
  • It’s great nothin else to say-

    By Le Mia Merger
    Game’s pretty fun, call me a child, but I know I good game when I play one. Five stars, any negative reviews are from salty ppl who WISH they could make good games.
  • Help

    By i need to blend
    I accidentally spent 50 gems extending a challenge, is there anyway to get those back? I didn’t even see the challenge was extended so it was doubly wasteful :( Edit : is there any way to retrieve sold objects? I bumped it again
  • i like trains

    By BombCraft.
    Hey u gotta stop deleting my reviews also the mystery nest ultra nest is not in my shop in camp I am on version 4.8.0 jsyk hey I also have 6 ideas: 1. Dragons on dead land 2. Zomblins attacking dragons 3. Crimson dragon whelp shaped event maps 4. Zomblins doing super crazy things to dragons, like grinding them down into, say, living stones or maybe shrooms or eggs or hills or whatever, maybe even instead EATING THEM! I had a silly dream a while back. 5. Stop ibotta ads 6. Harder challenges read my book coming out hopefully 2021 Also, some people who have an ultra nest in shop have it like 2 meganests(15-25 gems for 1 dragon power) and all other players who have it in shop have it like a event dragon meganest(10-17 gems for 1 dragon power). Also, I also have 7 lvl 8 and 1 lvl 9 dragons and other dragons(some of it is from the 3 events I completed). Also I accidentally 4merged lvl 3 Midas trees jsyk oh and this game is so easy. I started on 12/16/2019(just to say this game is too easy). In the future, I’ll email you screenshots of my camp from a few days ago. HEY EARLIER I MADE 2 FRIEND DRAGON WHELPS IT KICKED ME OUT AT 12:56 GMT 3/14/2020 THEN I LOGGED BACK ON AND MY FRIEND DRAGON WHELPS WERE GONE AND SO WERE THE EGGS. I WILL TELL YOU OTHER DRAGONS I LOST, which is none. Also ah camp, dark cobra, [other language] #5288, Dragon Garden, and Merging Mayhem all hack. Also make merge dragons events as good as(I heard this on Reddit) merge magic events. Also I love rick and morty events they are so awesome my 4 completed events were 8:23, 6:08, 6:28, and 4:25 in hours and minutes in that order(Sakura dream, carnival, mortyablo deja moo, and finally lunar light)(Monday 13:35 EST, Sunday 9:28 EST, Sunday 19:33 EST, and Sunday 8:49 EST in that order). You: we made events impossible with clouds, 3 day time limit, super dead land, quests, and possible unwinnalble moments. Me: events are too easy WE NEED MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE LEVELS. oh and my dragons harvest s**t all day every day. Also I want hatched griffon nests and lvl 4 Midas trees as event quest rewards with an ancient spring of course and readd in camp events. Also I want the royal egg bank back. Adios. Gotta merge them super eggs to get those BEANS! Can’t believe I completed an event with 1d 23h 58m left! ADD MORE LEVELS NOW BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE LIKES GEM FARMING
  • It’s really bad

    By Warriorwolf🐺🐺
    So on the advertisement it looks way different from the actual game.So when I tried it I was disappointed of what I had.Please stop making clickbait advertisements.
  • Not a fan of waiting for chalaces

    By cass-attack
    I don’t like how we have to wait forever to play the challenges
  • Good game

    By ellieieieieieieie
    Really fun game, but there is really no way to get gems without in-app purchases which is annoying. I have played for a while and I really like it but there’s way to many in-app purchases.