Black Paradox

Black Paradox

By Tiny Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-14
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 296.46 MB
  • Developer: Tiny Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 69 Ratings


Play as Black Paradox, a bounty hunter capable of traveling through time by manipulating energy produced by black holes. Help him defeat the Hellraisers and its 7 leaders, the most ruthless criminal organization in the galaxy. Use hordes of different weapons, upgrades and drones to succeed in your quest! Key Features: • 15+ weapons! • 30+ powerups! • 10+ deadly drones, little helpers that pack a lot of punch! • A space bending ultimate move, the “Black Paradox”, so powerful that the main character is named after it • 50+ different enemies, each with different attack patterns! • 7 deadly bosses with unique attacks • A growth system to give the player more powers while upgrading his stats • Integrated control support for all kinds of controllers! • Amazing pixel art • Awesome Synth-Wave soundtrack



  • Black Paradox

    By jjniclib88
    Update please!!! More levels. Awesome game.
  • Just get Steredenn

    By DeBellM
    This game will make your phone run hotter than the sun. My phone still loses battery life when I’m charging and playing this game! No other app I’ve tried has been able to accomplish that, so congrats? Aside from that, this game is SUPER similar to Steredenn. The enemies, bosses, and level-up system do make this game different from Steredenn, but not enough so that I’ll continue to assault my phone battery by booting this up.
  • Dead Cells in space!

    By Mcfairguy
    Amazing presentation. From the VHS intro to the retro synth-rock soundtrack, the vibrant neon color palette, and the butter smooth controls; this shooter is both a throw back to some of the very best side scroller shooters from the past to the present. Some weapons seem “useless” at first, but that just means there’s a steeper learning curve to using them which adds depth to the tried and true weapons variants most shooters use. When I first got the “Music Notes” gun, I was giddy as hell. So much creativity got poured into this. I mean, it’s a flying car in space for god’s sake. I would have liked to see more animated and parallaxed backgrounds, but that is literally not even a gripe, just a wishful observation as there’s so much that can be happening on screen at once, there’d hardly be a moment to appreciate adding more movement. Then there’s the upgrade system. While not original to it’s execution, I’ve never played a rogue-like space shooter, so this to me is innovative in its own right. I love that every time I die, I start over with a chance to add permanent upgrades in exchange for the cash I’ve earned. Is it grindy? Yes, but in the most positive way possible. I’ve started over about a hundred times and have never been frustrated or bored. With the incremental upgrades, it forces you to make choices to either empty your wallet on something that might be useful or have enough levels to it to make a real difference, or to forego and just keep grinding for more cash. Because the enemy patterns are procedural, it never bores me to have to keep restarting. I saved up enough to purchase my two extra chip slots right away! Yeah I sacrificed powering up, but it forced me to rely solely on skill and reaction time in the process, in turn making me a more skilled player even with weaker stats. Just like Dead Cells. But in space. As an old school gamer, this game refreshes the hell out of the genre. Funny how it’s a “Paradox” to have so many modern elements while being a throwback both in theme and gameplay. I can’t recommend this game enough! I could write a whole new paragraph on the soundtrack, but in one word I can sum it up... Amazing. The negative reviews on here seem to come from gamers who didn’t put in enough time to understand its mechanics, or just aren’t fans of this type of game at all. The asking price is not much for what you get here, so if you’re a fan of shooters OR rogue-likes... get Black Paradox... you won’t be disappointed!
  • Addictive Game

    By Joey from Sacramento
    Great 80’s style side scroller shooter with the Stranger Things theme music. Needs iCloud support to sync progress on multiple device, AND where’s the Apple TV app? Also needs a weapons breakdown that shows the different rates of fire, power, speed etc. Keep the updates coming!
  • Sooo good! Love the soundtrack.

    By HtoTheRescue
    Fast paced, fun to look at and play. Love the throwback vibe. Happy to spend what I did to get it. Great fun!
  • Ba du du du daa I’m lovin it

    On the App Store there are only a few existing bullet hell games (which I love) and these games are my favorite genre of games. I wish I could play a good bullet hell anywhere and Black Paradox lets me do that. 👍
  • Acronyms?

    By -Thisappblowswhales-
    I have absolutely zero clue what any of the power ups mean. Also what’s the deal with weapons Geyser, Hedgehog and Flamethrower? They’re completely useless. Lastly, leveling up the ship seems have hardly any effect to game play. Difficulty seems to not change no matter how I configure things. Otherwise it’s mindless fun without annoying ads and shoving micro transactions in my face like 99% of other games this fun.
  • Too much dodging not enough shooting

    By Radnar
    Just feels like I’m only dodging bullets, I would rather be shooting amazing things rather than just being stressed out about a million things hitting me on the screen (most of which I can’t see with my thumb in the way) I gave up after a couple bosses. Wouldn't leave a review unless I had to pay money for it, a solid three stars.
  • Black paradox!!!

    By hgfy12
    This game compared to super hydorah is more fun, more action, the movement is more precise and responsive. It also delivers much better pixel art graphic detail along with the amazing retro music soundtracks which makes this game superb. Let’s not forget to mention that you have health bars in this game which I love also compared to super hydorah which you only 2 hits against you and you’ll die instantly which got frustrating a little (still good game though). 5 stars to this game, a must buy for the price!!!
  • Fun game with annoying behavioral bugs

    By KLuv85
    This is a perfectly designed side scrolling shooter in my mind. I like that even though it’s Rogue-like, you can preserve upgrades to make progressing through the game easier as time goes on. However, I have found that I have to force myself to die in order to get the Garage to display new upgrades for purchase. This means that I find myself purposely dying on the final boss and forfeiting the money I would get from beating him just because if I don’t die, no matter how many times I run through the game, the same upgrades will remain present in the store. Also, it would be nice to have some sort of web site we could reference to determine what each end of level mod does, rather than the obscure description it gives with certain mods/drones/chips after beating a boss. This could also be done in-game with a help/info button. Outside of these two things, the game is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I must give the designers/developers a lot of credit with putting together such a wonderful game. Looking forward to more updates which will hopefully include new levels and boss fights along with the bug fixes mentioned above! (Oh, and new weapons too!) Keep up the great work. 👍