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  • Terrible search feature

    By rsd22
    Ever since they updated the search field in this app, I consider the app broken. Why can't the search in the iOS app be the same search as I enjoy on my laptop? Terrible search on iOS. Just terrible.
  • Poor Customer Service and Logistics Department

    By BUST N
    I have been calling Customer Service and the Logistics Department for the last six months trying to get them to fix my address for my Business and Business hours. Repeatedly given the run around on why they can’t change my because it’s a technical support issue and it’s nothing they can do. PACKAGES are being left anywhere outside business. My business hours are from 9am - 3pm. Get it together AMAZON!!! #SMALLBUSINESSES
  • Fraud

    By Shop7llc
    fraud already my data is compromised and received unauthorized transactions on my bank account. And 1000 of e-mail in my business email.
  • Not working

    By Hdawggydog
    Not sure what’s been happening, but every time I get to the checkout page, an error pops up and says that the app has an error. And a dog picture shows up. I haven’t been able to buy anything using this app.
  • Todo bien pero una queja

    By Sigalarts
    Tengo la duda de porque últimamente todos los paquetes que an llegado a mi casa vienen abiertos como si alguien los revisa
  • Mobile app is buggy, basically useless.

    By Nhcc02
    Mobile app never shows my previous orders so I can never find out if something is delivered or not. Desktop works fine. This app is basically useless to me.
  • The frustration….

    By Insomnia Audio Works
    Do you have developers on staff specifically to make things more difficult?
  • Excruciatingly slow.

    By Review1138
    Didn’t actually use the app, I lost patience waiting for it to load … anything.
  • Every item says can’t be delivered to this address!

    By TammieOz
    Love the regular Amazon app but every product I try to order for my business address (which works perfectly using the regular Amazon app errors out with the message “can’t be delivered to this address. So basically it’s useless for me to make necessary business purchases.
  • Very convenient

    By Ike barber
    Very convenient to have when you running a small business. The supplies come to your door step !!