Blum Shapiro: Mindfulness

Blum Shapiro: Mindfulness

By Blum, Shapiro & Company, PC


Welcome to the Blum Shapiro meditation app, designed for us by healthcare professionals to increase wellbeing in areas such relaxation, pain and sleep. You’ll also find meditations designed to improve your quality of life. These meditations, or “Medi’s,” are mindfulness-based and comprised of several key elements that guide you towards a gentler awareness of body and mind. Multiple techniques are used, including breath control, body relaxation, mental imagery and body-mind connection. Meditation is highly useful for modern day life as it can be used by individuals from a variety of different backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, age, education and income levels. It can be effectively practiced in just a few minutes a day or for longer periods of time, and has the potential to improve quality of life. Along with mindfulness-based guided meditations, the app also enables you to remain up to date on Blum Shapiro and receive notifications when there is news about wellbeing. Please enjoy the meditations we prepared just for you.