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  • Doesn't work on macBook Air!

    By no way to send review
    Was finally able to download books and documents on my i-devices but not on my macBook Air. To differentiate the two apps, minimally the icon should have been changed. In short, this has been very poorly planned.
  • Doesn’t open on iPhone 15.

    By fayfarkha
    Unable to open it on iPhone 15… gets stuck on the login page
  • Laggy

    By DaveHein
    Page turning is extremely slow. The wait is over one second for a single page turn. If you press the right-arrow key a few times in a row, then the 1 or 2 second wait occurs for the first page turn and the rest of the queued turns happen quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if this delay was deliberate, but also wouldn't be surprised if it was just pporly implemented software. I'm running on an Intel Macbook Pro ... plenty of RAM and CPU avialable. The Kindle Classic turns pages immediately and quickly. Come on Amazon. You can do much better than this! :-( :-(
  • Confusing UI

    By Note Taker
    Amazon's new Kindle app is NOT an improvement. Mac apps have a menu yet Amazon decided not to use it for this app. The discoverability of features is low. Example: clicking in the middle of the page changes the mode-I'm utterly astonished and disappointed in Amazon.
  • Dear Kindle

    By Basca4
    Based on the reviews I am terrified to download the app. Rating one star beacuse apparently the app is very buggy and inferior to the old version.
  • Almost perfect

    By CKellyB
    Love the app for reading ~25 books / year. Frustrating that I cannot buy a book from the iPad Kindle version (have to use the Kindle the download on my iPad).
  • Should have stayed with Classic...

    By WendyGrace1955
    but we don't have a choice. Sorry Amazon, but I interact with my computer in a totally different way than I interact with my iPhone and iPad. Maybe if I was always full-screen on a Macbook, but I have three 27" monitors on my Studio and there's no way Kindle is going to be full screen on any of them. And how stupid is it that I had to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to display my library in list view. That's right, you have to click on SORT to set your view preferences. Just another reason to wish I had decided to invest in a more open ebook format when I got started.
  • Acceptable for reading

    By timwon93
    The new Mac app is a stripped down version of the iPad app. It's visually nicer than the old Mac app which felt like a neglected legacy app, but the controls are worse since they were designed for touch instead of desktop. Notes and highlights are at least stil present, but you can't export to a file like in the old app.
  • embarrassing

    By fbffffff
    this app is an embarrassment to both amazon and software developers. slower, annoying to use, buggier, blurry I have no idea how you can fail deliver a app to read text fies in 2023, total joke
  • Tiny text, blocked reading pane, settings n/a

    By BackToMac
    Opening splash screen now has tiny text. Bad kerning. “Find” now sits center of page, blocking the center of the book. Menus for text format etc. Are grayed out. Help points to these useless items. I’m clicking all over to find settings so can enlarge squeezed book text to a readable size. Finally resorted to keyboard shortcuts, which is how got Find. Another invoked TOC which I kid you not—now blocks atop nearly half a page. I’ll keep looking for the themes, text, layout items. I use this app constantly. This is a huge setback. Good luck all.