By Bare Bones Software, Inc.


BBEdit is the leading professional text, code, and markup editor for the Macintosh. As the "go to" tool for web site designers, web application developers, writers, and software developers, this award-winning product provides an abundance of high-performance features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text, code, and HTML/XML markup. As a replacement for TextWrangler, BBEdit is built by the same developers, using the same award-winning technology, and is identical to TextWrangler in every way you're used to. BBEdit is 64-bit and compatible with macOS Catalina. An intelligent interface provides easy access to BBEdit’s best-of-class features, including: grep pattern matching; search and replace across multiple files; project definition tools; function navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source code languages; code folding; FTP and SFTP open and save; AppleScript and Automator support; Unix scripting support; text and code completion; a complete set of robust HTML tools; and more. BBEdit offers a 30-day evaluation period (beginning the first time you use it on your computer), during which its full feature set is available. During the evaluation period, BBEdit is fully functional. After the evaluation period has expired, you can continue to use BBEdit for free, forever, with no nag screens or unsolicited interruptions. In “free mode”, BBEdit provides a modified set of features, which incorporates a powerful set of core features. Using BBEdit in free mode costs you nothing, while providing an upgrade path to advanced features and capabilities. To enable BBEdit’s advanced features after the evaluation period is over, you will need to have an active BBEdit subscription. Subscriptions are available on either a monthly or annual basis. An active subscription gives you access to all of BBEdit’s advanced features, including any new features that we introduce during updates or major upgrades, for as long as the subscription is in good standing. Please see our comparison chart for a detailed listing of which advanced features are available with a subscription. Subscription terms and conditions: We do not collect any data from your use of BBEdit, whether or not a subscription is in effect. Your interactions with BBEdit and with Bare Bones Software, Inc. are protected by our privacy policy. Your use of BBEdit is governed by the terms of its end-user license. When you purchase a subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account upon confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to the end of the currently active subscription period. Your iTunes Account will be charged for the renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the currently active subscription period, and your account history will reflect the cost of the renewal. You can manage your subscription and cancel automatic renewal by going to your "Manage my Subscriptions" page after purchase. Purchasing a subscription will permanently end your evaluation period, and forfeits any unused portion of the evaluation period, if applicable. For the full text of the BBEdit end user license for Mac App Store customers, please visit this page on our web site:



  • What's not to love

    By Reviewer85637
    The best text editor, hands down
  • Great tool!

    By rockerjojo2008
    I am a 12 year old that is beginning coding with HTML, XML, Javascript, and Python. This tool, even on free mode, allows me to use any language with the click of a button. The only question I have is to know if you can use this as a script executor for games on my PC. If possible, please let me know. Stay healthy and have fun! -Josef
  • Subscription?!? Really?!?!

    By MisterFox
    Greed has consumed everyone. For people with regular incomes, 3.99 is chump change, for those of us on fixed incomes, 3.99 is the difference between a meal or not. Everyone getting on the suscription train and everyone is leaving those of us who can't in the dust. Congrats on helping widen the chasm of the technological divide.
  • So hungry for money it's hilarious

    By entertainer510
    You advertise BBEdit as free for life! But with the new update, you renew the 30 day trial of subscription BBEdit. The free version is essentially TextWrangler, which was and still is an amazing code editor. But the greed is getting the best of this company. So because I'm a genuine person, let me offer the developers some advice: NOBODY is going to pay monthly for BBEdit when the free version is amazing and complete in of itself. If this poses a problem to your company, you could try actually charging a one time payment for the "free version" while continuing the subscription for the full version. So BBEdit won't be free anymore, but bc of the quality of the product, people would be willing to make a REASONABLE one time payment. Or you could try generosity and keep the free version free while giving the full version a ONE TIME payment. You might be surprised. I've payed for things before that I didn't have to bc the full version added a lot more functionality. But ONLY because it was a one time payment. Again, the product as a whole is great. But the desperation for money is being shoved down our throats. Try taking my advice above. No for real, it may actually help your company, while at the same time being easier on the consumers.
  • One of the best python interface

    By reza2194
    It provide a nice interface for pyhton and other langaues. Good job.
  • Licensing...

    By Not a pinball wizard
    Over the years I've probably paid BBEdit 5 or 6 times the price as I kept ordering new copies when I would get a new Mac or if my key was so out of date it didn't work. Fast forward to 2020 and I find a subscription model. Not for me. Moving on I guess.
  • Favorite editor, back to 5 stars if licensing fixed!

    By JkTuff
    I love this editor. I've been using it for over 15 years. Tried VS free edition, came back, tried Atom, came back. This new licensing method has become a huge pain. I've got to have access to the app store to use all features, and I'm tied to the app store if I want to continue using this, and I have to keep paying you a subscription even though my old version that I had a fixed license for does everything that I need?? Apparently you've forgotten, and foresaken your early adopters.
  • Greate product

    By frank feng 579
    Super easy to use - including for coding.
  • Great Text Editor But Too Pricy

    By ManOfNumenor
    It's $40 per year. If you don't mind the price, it's pretty great. If you do mind the price, use TextEdit- for FREE.
  • good

    By noah1786
    it is so good but it wont run my code